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NMAPT Fall Conference
November 10th and 11th, 2023 
 [Live-In Person]   

NMAPT Presents 2 Days of Learning:

Our Speakers:
Waldo Winborn, LPCC, RPT
April Lewis- Ramirez, LPCC, RPT
Kelsie Bacon, LCSW, RPT
Shannon Grant, LPCC, RPT-S, RSP

Meet Your Presenters!

Day 1: Friday November 10th

9am- 12pm

A Introduction to Attachment Theory and popular therapeutic Play approaches 


In Attachment Theory with play therapy and other popular therapeutic Play approaches, you will be exposed to the introductory level of attachment theory with play therapy and its implication on relationships in the play therapy process. We will review the history of attachment theory with play therapy and how the Therapeutic Powers of Play promote attachment. We will review several therapeutic play therapy models currently using attachment theory.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1) Have a basic understanding of attachment theory in play therapy history and how it affects parents' perception to Play therapy.

  • 2) Understand the basic attachment styles seen in play therapy and how it influences the client and Play Therapist relationship in play therapy.

  • 3) Understand threats to attachment seen in play therapy and how they appear in the Play therapy process.

  • 4) Become aware of popular Play Therapy attachment techniques and programs.

  • 5) Understand how to promote attachment from caregiver to child in the Playroom and play therapy process.

  • 7) Understand how attachment is seen in the play therapy process and how the therapeutic powers of play are interwoven together

3 CE Hours Provided for this Training

Shannon Grant
NMAPT President

Day 2: Saturday November 11th

9am -1pm

Let’s Get Seminal



Come and join us for this playful seminal play therapy training as we use both non-directive and directive play therapy techniques, use lectures to identify core concepts of primary seminal play therapy theories and apply to our play therapy practices.  We will discuss and demonstrate seminal play therapy theories as well as discuss playful activities to engage with each other to prepare for use in the application of play therapy practices. Participants will discuss different tools used in play therapy to expand or strengthen their knowledge of each seminal play therapy theory used in play as well as techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will compare 5 primary seminal play therapy theories used through lectures and experiential play directives to demonstrate and prepare for use in practical play therapy settings.

  • Participants will identify hands-on play therapy techniques used in different seminal play therapy theories as well as identify how to utilize techniques in play therapy with clients

  • Participants will compare play therapy techniques through open discussion and be able to discuss and demonstrate their own play therapy activities they utilize in the playroom to help others learn more play therapy tools in a collaborative play therapy process.

  • Participants will list and identify 4 core concepts of each seminal play therapy theory used by play therapists

4 CE hours provided for this Training

Ticket Information:

Event Tickets:


Seating is limited to comply with APT regulations and location regulations. 

Full Event    

NMAPT-APT Members: $ 50

Non-Members: $ 70

Student: Free with ID

1 - Day Training     

NMAPT-APT Members: $ 25

Non-Members: $ 35

Student: Free with ID

Katie Bassiri


Event Information:

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

431 Richmond Pl NE,

Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA


This training session will offer 3 or 4 CE hours per day. NMAPT is an approved provider by NM Counseling and Therapy Practice Board Approved Provider #0179331 and the Association for Play Therapy Approved Provider 03-132.


*Play therapy credit available to mental health professionals and graduate students in a mental health program.


Meet Your !

Cancellation is available until November 8, 2023 minus a $25 administrative fee. No refunds after November 10th.


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