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Welcome to the Dark Side!
Ethical Self Care for the Play Therapist
Understanding and Using Villains in Play Therapy

with Maria LaquerreDiego, LMFT, RPTS

Join us while we tackle some of the "tough" topics! We will spend the morning talking about Ethical Self Care for the Play Therapist  and the afternoon we will talk about Utilizing Villains in Play Therapy! Join us on the Dark Side - we will have cookies!


Holiday Inn Express North

Las Cruces, NM


Friday, September 10, 2021 8:30 - 4:30 pm 


Each session will give 3 CEs for full attendance and participation.

Counseling and Therapy Practice Board Approved Provider #0179331 and the Association for Play Therapy Approved Provider 03-132.


Meet Maria:

Maria Laquerre is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, who specializes in addressing trauma with clients of all ages. Maria is the owner of A New Hope Therapy Center in Las Cruces, NM. Maria has practiced therapy in New Mexico since her return in 2008. Maria's current passion is supporting therapists in doing their best clinical work, which she pursues through offering supervision, consultation and trainings. Maria enjoys spending time with her family, watching Star Wars and Marvel movies, discussing the psychology of pop culture and loves a good book!



Full day: $50

One Session: $30


Full Day: $70

One Session: $40


Seating limited to 60 participants as this is an in person event.


Ethical Self care for Play Therapists

After the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify three examples of ethical self care according to the ethical guidelines of their licensing board.

  2. Identify four examples of signs of stress and burnout. 

  3. Identify a core competency for each area of their self care plan from the core competencies from their license and/or the Association for Play Therapy. 


Understanding and Using Villains in Play Therapy


After the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Participants will identify three ways to use villains and bag guys in play therapy.

  2. Participants will engage in two play therapy interventions utilizing villains and "bad" guys.

  3. Participants will demonstrate the ability to use villain based play therapy interventions in their playroom and/or virtually.


Cancellation is available until August 27, 2021 minus a $25 administrative fee. No refunds after August 27, 2021.


Ethical Self Care for the Play Therapist

We have all stepped up for our communities and our clients during this unpredictable and stressful time, and we invite you to join us for an important discussion of ethical self care! We promise this conversation is not all bubble baths and yoga - we are going to refer to our ethical standards and utilize playful interventions to create realistic steps to prevent burnout and emotional fatigue. So much has changed in our communities, our society and our country in the past 18 months - your boundaries surrounding your clinical practice may need to be adjusted to better support you in this highly charged environment. So join us for a fun, playful but practical training with the goal of supporting you in your clinical practice!

Understanding and Using Villains in Play Therapy

Ew, David! Everywhere you turn these days you are met with pop culture references and superheroes! What if your client likes a villain??  As the recent Loki tv show displays - there is great interest and enjoyment in villains and their variants! Feel the dark side of the force and join us in a villainous discussion and intervention based training on understanding and using villains in play therapy!