My name is Meredith D. Baca. I am an LPCC and RPT residing outside of Espanola, New Mexico, where I was born and raised. I received my degree from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. I have been a licensed clinician for 5 ½ years. I was a licensed clinician in Texas before moving back to New Mexico. I became a Registered Play Therapist in November 2019. My love for play therapy began at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. I have worked with children in a variety of settings such as an inpatient facility, a residential facility and in outpatient clinics. I have experience with children and adolescents in foster care, children and adolescents who have been adopted, children who have experienced the death of a loved one and at-risk youth in the juvenile justice system. I believe in the power of play and strive to spread the message of the Association of Play Therapy.



My name is Shannon Grant and I am interested in being a member of the NM-APT Board. I have an LPCC with the state of NM and was awarded the Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor credential in December 2019 from the Association for Play Therapy. 

My career officially started in October 2006 when I graduated with my Master’s degree in Counseling, after completing 10 months of an internship at an agency learning Experiential/Jungian Play Therapy. I worked at this agency until 2018 when I opened my own private practice in Albuquerque called Hands in the Sand Therapeutics. I specialize in trauma, parental bonding, depression and anxiety with children 3-18. 

On top of play and art, I have been studying Jungian Sand Tray since 2006 and am finishing my own process in the sand and in a consultation group in order to apply for the Sand Play Practitioner credential with the STA (Sandplay Therapists of America). Currently I have a play room with 2 sand boxes and a sand tray room with 2 sand trays. My rooms are always full of sand! 

I just love being a therapist, and more importantly a play therapist, and would be honored to be on the NM-APT board and promote play in New Mexico. 



My name is Amber Dollar. I am from Roswell, N.M. I am married and have 3 children. I recently went into private practice in 2019. Prior to going into private practice, I worked for the Chaves County CASA Program for over 10 years. A CASA is an advocate and the voice for children going through the court process. I was the Domestic Violence Coordinator when I started my journey there, I helped children find a safe and loving home without the violence present. I then became the CASA Volunteer Coordinator, training and working alongside the volunteers to work with foster children going through the court system. During my time as a CASA Volunteer Coordinator is when I began to see the huge need for therapists in my community.  I knew that I wanted to become a therapist if I could become a Sand Tray Therapist. I found an amazing trainer in Sand Tray and I began the courses right away. After hundreds of hours of training and three years of driving to and from Corrales N.M. I became a Certified Sand Tray Therapist. My passion is sand tray. I specialize in grief and trauma as well. I am currently the Roswell N.M. Children’s Advocacy Center’s Therapist. I am also a Grief Specialist for the Office of Medical Investigator’s. I walk alongside the clients after the loss of a loved one by suicide, homicide or motor vehicle accident. I became a Registered Play Therapist in March of 2017. I am hopeful to become a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor in March of 2020. I want to share my passion and love for play with other therapist’s in my community and the communities around me.  Children are amazing and I believe that through the caring relationship of a Play Therapist they can overcome their past and begin a healing journey in the playroom.



Jacqueline is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is also working towards her RPT.  She is a proud graduate of Arizona State University and New Mexico State University.  Her work at an orphanage in Mexico for 2.5 years greatly shaped her and her desire to work with children, especially those with attachment trauma.  Jacqueline has been practicing in Las Cruces for over 7 years in a variety of settings, including community mental health agencies, in school based health centers and in her own private practice.  Jacqueline currently works for Ben Archer Health Center, working primarily with high school students inside a high school.  Jacqueline loves play therapy because it allows her clients to connect to deep feelings without the need for words and allows clients to process and heal at their pace, in a safe and caring environment.  Jacqueline works from a family systems background and is always thinking about attachment and neurobiology theories when working with clients.  Jacqueline has a passion for working with families battling cancer, clients dealing with grief and loss, suicide prevention, and working with those with attachment trauma.  Jacqueline hopes to bring a new perspective to the board with her varied experiences and the unique position of working for a community mental health agency inside a school-based health center that works closely with the medical team to provide multidisciplinary care to clients.  Fun fact: she is obsessed with penguins!!!