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Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Byron E. Norton, LP, RPT-S, EPT/D


Dr. Byron Norton is the founder of Experiential Play Therapy (EPT)®, a

model of play therapy that enters the experiences of children and gives

personalized expression and meaning to their traumatic play. Dr. Norton is a

licensed psychologist and professor emeritus from the University of Northern

Colorado where he taught and supervised students in play therapy. He currently

consults and supervises play therapists around the world. He has co-authored,

“Reaching Children through Play Therapy” with Dr. Carol Norton, which has been

published in several languages. His work in play therapy is a contribution to this

field and has inspired play therapists to understand the sensitive complexity of

the inner world of trauma for children in play therapy. The feedback regarding his

trainings has proven highly influential for increasing the effectiveness of play

therapy using the insights gained from this workshop.

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